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DIY Time is upon us! paint brushes are out kick off this spring with a quality designer radiator for your living room, bedroom or bathroom and we’re giving you 5% OFF with code spring5 towards any purchase.

Keep your bathroom warm and keep your mirrors steam free with a heated mirror or add a focus to your living room with a feature vertical radiator in a range of colours and finishes.

Popular colours this year buttercup, lilac / grey and green would compliment an Anthracite or white designer rad.

Style tips – supersize any bathroom and towel rail go for a large unit vintage styles offer symmetrical flowing designs choose a towel rail with ball sphere joints and don’t be afraid to choose a copper or chrome colour compliment white crisp towels and sanitary ware. For home and living room choose a slim line radiator with separations black is particularly s striking with primary colours.

Hot on trends we have all the latest styles and finishes in fashion for 2018 our chosen suppliers use quality engineering and the best manufacturing processes. Get the most from your designer radiators with an aluminium made radiator offer both increased efficiency and lightweight.

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Why buy a designer radiator with us

The Best Designer Radiators in Sizes and Colours to Match Your Personal Preferences

Because we can supply radiators in your choice of colours and dimensions, you can be sure that the heating appliances you purchase from us will be ideal for your home or commercial property. If you are not sure what style of designer radiator to install in a particular space, please feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our team about your requirements. We have a great deal of experience working with both private and commercial customers across the country and would be delighted to help you find the best radiators for your needs.

Contemporary Designer Radiators for All Spaces

Whether you are shopping for a radiator to install in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or office, we have the perfect model for you. From chrome designer bathroom radiators that will keep your towels dry and warm, to beautiful horizontal radiators with a textured finish that will blend in with almost any type of décor, our range includes heating appliances that will look great in a wide variety of environments. To find out more about our standard range or to enquire about custom fabricated designer radiators, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us during business hours.

Designer Radiators Create A Unique Look For Your Home Or Office

Radiators are found in homes and businesses all across the country and in addition to being extremely efficient at distributing heat, they can also add to the ambiance of the room that they are in. This is because radiators come in numerous styles, sizes, and even colours nowadays, allowing you to have a radiator that matches and even enhances the rest of the room. The companies that sell these radiators are continuously coming out with more radiators in different designs, which means that you can always find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for radiators. The radiators can be horizontal or vertical, dark or light, but whichever one you choose, you can also count on it working properly and keeping your home or office nice and toasty throughout the cold winter months.

Not the Same as the Radiators of Yesterday

At one point, radiators were thought of only as a way to keep your house warm and nothing else but it is different these days. The companies that make radiators have hundreds to choose from and whether your home is small or large, dark or light, contemporary or traditional, you can easily find a radiator that matches its décor. Picture your living room with a radiator that is beige and matches your light-coloured walls or silver because you want a more dramatic look for your burgundy walls. If you choose to purchase any type of designer horizontal radiator from one of the many stores that offer this product, you can easily get it. In fact, you can easily find a radiator that perfectly matches your living room or other area because of the variety that is available now. They come in many sizes and shapes as well as colours such as black, white, silver, beige, and dark brown, making it easy to match anyone’s décor.

A Product both Beautiful and Functional

Beautiful, functional radiators can complement anyone’s home or office and the designer ones come in shapes that make them resemble eyeglasses, geometric designs, and pianos, among others, which means that you can show off your hobbies and interests merely by choosing the right radiator. In fact, when it comes to the radiators used today, you can always find a design that will look great in your home or office. If you visit these companies online, you can even view full-colour photographs of the radiators themselves so you can decide on the one you want. Finding a radiator that both keeps you warm and looks fantastic is easier than you think and the fact that they cost a lot less than many people realise is just an added perk. Designer radiators are the wave of the future and once you purchase one for your home or office, you will understand why.

Radiator Buying Guide for Beginners

The radiator is a standard home appliance that is used for heating various rooms in the house. As the name suggests, a radiator is designed to radiate heat into the environment. A heater is an exchanger that transfers heat from one medium to another. They are commonly used in houses, automobiles, as well as specific electronic items. Radiators can either be used for warming the environment, or for cooling the fluid that is supplied into the radiator. Rather than rely on thermal radiation, most heaters transfer most of the heat by using convection.

If you are in the market for a new radiator, there are numerous options available. The Designer Radiator Company is famous for producing a broad range of various heaters, many of which are available in stylish designs. However, if you are in the market for a new radiator, there are a few things that you need to know. Here is a brief guide to buying a new heater for your place.

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators offer many advantages as compared to conventional ones. First, they are environmentally friendly. Most aluminium radiators are made from recycled materials, and they also use much less water content as compared to conventional heaters. While it’s a difficult task putting a figure on the amount of money that you will be able to save, it can be estimated that you will save around 10% on your annual heating bills. Here are a few other advantages that aluminium radiators offer:

Stylish: Aluminium radiators are available in many unique designs, so you don’t have to worry about an ugly appliance sitting in your stylishly decorated room.

Energy Efficient: These heaters are also quite energy-efficient and use much less energy when compared to conventional radiators.

Trench heating: If you have glass walls or bi-fold doors in the house, trench heating offers a decent solution, especially in homes where wall space isn’t freely available.

Colours and Designs

Modern radiators are available in a multitude of various designs and styles. Before you buy any heater, you should visit the company’s showroom and browse through the many stylish options that they have available. You can buy them in many different colours and unique designs to make them a part of the room.

If wall space is not available, you can also place the radiator on the floor with a stylish stand. There are many promotional discounts on offer from time to time, so you can take advantage of those as well to get a hefty reduction in the final price. These are some basic tips for buying a new radiator.

Designer Radiators, Valves: Function and Design Working Together

When you mention the word “radiator,” most people will think of two very practical items: the part of their car carrying this name and the equipment used to heat a home or other building. The home radiator, similar to the unit in a vehicle, is a heat exchanger. The idea is to transfer heat (thermal energy) to heat or cool, depending on the specific system. In this instance, the focus is on home heating, though the two types of radiators have similar tasks.

The name gives some indication of how this equipment works. Heat from the unit radiates into the surrounding air to provide warmth for the occupants of the room. For those of you who want to be technical and specific, many people insist that a radiator actually works through convection with warmth moving up and cooler liquid or gas/air moving down. But the warmth provided by the liquid in a radiator does “radiate” into the surrounding air, thus the name.

Heat Transfer

However you view the science behind this home heating method, the foundation of this technology is that heated liquid circulates through pipes with fins built into the design to increase the surface area. This design has been in common use for decades as an efficient way to heat buildings. In recent years, manufacturers have taken the radiator concept to a new level. Excellent examples can be seen on websites such as the one developed by The Designer Radiator Company.

In years past, a radiator for room heat was often a large cast-iron item standing against the wall. Some suppliers began to reduce the bulk of their heating equipment, making their products physically smaller and using materials lighter in weight. The new level just mentioned is best indicated by the word “designer.” Rather than focusing only on the size of the heating unit, modern manufacturers are combining heating efficiency with appealing design so the property owner benefits from efficient heating and eye-catching appearance.


While building their products to fit a lower profile and to complement the design of a room or a home, these manufacturers have also focused on the quality of various components including radiator valves. For example, accurate control of heated liquid in radiators is essential to proper operation. As manufacturers produce quality components using various materials, they also concentrate on how the complete unit and its parts look to the occupants of the room.

In the past, you might have found that the valve and knob assembly (a key part of radiator operation) was durable and efficient but appearance was an afterthought at best. Today, you’ll find these items and associated parts in brass, chrome, and pewter, for example, with a definite focus on how the part looks. This is a great example of function and design working together.

Heat Your Home Stylishly With A Designer Radiator

You can heat your home in style by choosing from one of various contemporary radiator designs. Radiators can be designed with mirrored facades or set up in one of a variety of new configurations. Choose between vertical and horizontal styles.

Optimise Your Living Space

The days are long gone when you must rely on a heating system that is cumbersome and unsightly to view. Today’s heating systems are ultra-modern and innovative. Making an upgrade is a good idea as the newer radiator designs also optimise your living space.

By choosing a designer radiator to heat a space, you are also providing a more efficient heating source. After all, a premium product will always offer a better source of heat, primarily if field experts built it. Use a designer radiator to maximise your heat output in such areas as the bedroom, bathroom living room a child’s playroom, or kitchen.

Because a designer radiator is a high-quality heat source, it offers sufficient heat with a small amount of input. As a result, when you replace an old system with a premium designer radiator, you end up saving money on your energy usage. An older system can be costly to operate as it has to work harder to obtain the same results. Therefore, it is in your best interest to improve your heating system.

A Safer Alternative

Designer radiators are safer sources of heat as well. Because each heater is built to a high standard, it is not as probable to be susceptible to wear-and-tear. The newer models are also less seeming to affect the other radiators in your home. All heaters are designed so that they meet the proper standards for safety.

If you are redesigning a room, you want to make sure everything matches well. If you add a traditional radiator to the décor though, you do not have this type of advantage. Heaters of this type usually do not come in a varied range of options when it comes to finishes.

However, you can choose from modern radiator designs in various metal finishes and colours. For instance, you can select from finishes in chrome, steel, or black. When added to a modernised space, these types of finishes blend seamlessly.

If you are planning to sell your home, you want to include the amenities that make it easy to display and sell. Therefore, adding a stylish heating system is sure to give you a competitive edge when marketing your property. If you include this upgrade in your home, you can realise a higher value for your real estate.

If you are thinking of replacing your current heating source, review the selections available in modern designer radiator products. Optimise your living space as well as save money on heating.

designer horizontal radiators

Radiator Heat Adds Beauty and Value to Your Home

Every homeowner knows that it’s essential to be able to efficiently heat the home when the weather becomes colder in the fall. There are few things more frustrating than when the heat isn’t working, and when the whole family is uncomfortable and relying on sweaters and blankets to stay warm. While there are many different heating options for your home, including underfloor heating, forced air heating, and using a single heating appliance, there is one that is reliable and consistently provides a tremendous ambient heat throughout your whole home. When you are looking to make improvements to your home that will increase the comfort and value of your home, you should look into radiator heat.

Gentle Heating Instead of Harsh Forced Air

Many homes rely on forced air for their heating source, and it is not uncommon for the residents in those homes to experience dry air and coughs during the winter due to the moisture being removed from the home by the heat. Radiators provide gentle heat in the house that is not just healthy but is also comfortable for everyone who experiences it. It is silent and less disruptive than other forms of heating and won’t wake up light sleepers when it turns off and on.

You Can Easily Control What Areas of Your Home Are Heated

While there are many alternative heating sources that you can use to heat your home instead of forced air heating, these will only heat one room at a time and may not be able to warm a large room or open space sufficiently. When you install radiator heating in your home and combine it with a programmable thermostat, you will be able to control the heat in each area of your home with ease. You can warm the whole house or various rooms to the same or different temperatures at different times of the day. This gives you flexibility over the temperature in your home and allows you to customise the heat in your home.

High Efficiency Means Lower Costs

Radiators can warm an entire room in just a few minutes and can sustain the temperature without a lot of effort. The performance of a home radiator isn’t dependent on the outside weather, meaning that you can quickly heat your home no matter how cold it is outside. This fast heating time translates to lower monthly bills.

No home renovation is complete without a phone call to The Designer Radiator Company. Not only will these gorgeous radiators heat your home, but they are a far cry from the old heaters that you may be used to seeing. These radiators will add a modern look to any home and are sure to improve the aesthetics of any room.

Guide to choosing the perfect radiator for 2018

The Designer Radiator Company

Interior trend forecasting for spring 2018

Blues, Antique, Copper Wool & Knit, Fish Scale

Let’s start with colour! set off your room with in style with Jolly green, Rose Violet, Coral Blush, Firey Red, Azure Blue or Antique Moss

Style predictions fish scale, flakey and wool & knit

Compliment the confident colours

Fish scale has risen up in trend offering bold patterns and to be styled up or easy to accessorise.

Wool and knit being increasingly popular great for making use of previous collections old furniture mahogany or walnut