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Terma – Fiona One



Plenty of hanging space on the Fiona One makes this a great addition to a busy family bathroom, and it looks good too thanks to the Sparkling Gravel finish.

Available in size 900mm x 480mm, 1140mm x 480mm, 1380mm x 480mm or 1620mm x 480mm.

The distance between the sections makes it easy to hang the textile to dry. ONE heating element hidden in the collector blends invisibly with its modern shape – without the need for an additional, external electric device, which could affect its form. Radiator equipped with ONE heating element offers different heating options, such as setting the room heating or towel drying modes. The timer function automatically switches the heater off after two hours. The ONE heater is a safe, reliable and economical device with power consumption in the standby mode of less than 0.5 W. To the Fiona radiator fits Yo hanger!


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