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Terma – Alex

Very Popular Towel Rad

Terma – Easy

The Easy is a very stylish looking ladder radiator, nice looking chunky frame and rails. Available in a Sparkling Gravel

Terma – Quadrus Bold

The Quadrus Bold has four sections of rails that stand proud from the main frame of the radiator, a great

Terma – Crystal Towel Rail

A fabulous selection of finishes in this towel rail; California Beige, Modern Grey, Soft or Sparkling Gravel. Great eye-catching finishes

Terma – Incorner

A brilliant designer towel radiator that fits in the corner. Space saving and attractive, this towel rail comes in a

Terma – Jade Towel Rail

A beautiful antique looking Galvanic Old Copper towel rail has plenty of space for drying towels. This design will finish

Terma – Michelle Towel Rail

EAN 5901804191152 CB NUMBER T1600 Vendor Art.Nr 1804191152   Michelle Main description A lovely radiator, very eye catching and suited

Terma – Outcorner

This is a great space saving designer towel rail as it fits on a corner in the bathroom. This design

Terma – Retro Towel Rail

Love the look of this towel rail, the detail in the rounded ends of the rails make a very attractive

Terma – Simple

Simple is just that, a simplistic but very attractive style of ladder radiator. The simplicity adds to the beauty of

Terma – Simple DW

Simple is just that, a simplistic but very attractive style of ladder radiator, but that is where the simplicity ends